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Quantum Monkeys is a Montreal based company specializing in helping businesses in their efforts towards a transition to Agility or other contemporary management modes. To this end, we offer consulting and coaching services as well as workshops. We believe that the human factor is one of the most important, yet most undervalued keys to success in business.

Thus, our mandate is to unlock the employee’s potential by setting up a work environment conductive to positive evolution and personal development. We propose a new way to view work, more precisely by the establishment or reinforcement of a strong corporate culture, the creation of a secure work environment propitious to the exploration of new ideas as well as the establishment of a work mentality axed on personal development.

We wager on an approach oriented towards the practical side of things, resulting from observations our clients’ realities in the field as well as those faced by their collaborators.

Our values

Culture First

Culture of safety, not immunity
Hire for culture, expertise will come
Foster a participatory culture

No Bullshit

Have skin in the game
Sparks must fly

Practical Innovation

Stay cutting edge
Run controlled experiments
Practical expertise trumps theoritical knowledge

Deliberate Evolution

Know when to pivot
Deliberately develop people
Strive for antifragility

Our team


Maurice Lefebvre

Coach and Trainer

Specialized in helping upper management transit their company toward Agile, connected, customer-oriented organizational models, backed by a powerful corporate culture and modern leadership.


Axel Moussard

Technical advisor

Passionate by development, he is convinced that work’s quality of a team is all about innovation and rigor. Best ally of your development teams, he will highlight their strengths and work with their weaknesses.


Nicolas Rousseau-Lirette

Coach and trainer

Fascinated about cultural transformation and self-organization, he will inspire your business to discover their core values and work towards a noble cause in order to create an environment where engaged people can thrive.


Jared Duggan


Driven by the opportunities of today's volatile social and business ecosystems, Jared draws upon his rich experience with startups and organisations in transition to guide your team to success.


Patrick Roux


Patrick believes in the fact that we are our own limitation: people can do a lot more than they think, given the right tools, and that team cohesion, transparency and implication are some of these tools.


Karyann Pilon

Marketing manager

She gravitates in the communication world and practices media monitoring activities to stay aware of emerging tendencies. She’s interested in online marketing strategies as well as the creation advertising and corporate events.